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Cop Who Shot Dog, City, Not Held Responsible

September 5, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Victoria- Francie Byrne was upset but understanding when she learned that Sgt. Eline Moya had shot Byrne’s dog during a routine alarm call to Byrne’s property. Byrne’s pet lived, thanks to the veterinarian who worked on her, but the bill, totaling $1,400, will not be covered by the city as Byrne had been lead to believe by Moya.

Despite Byrne’s claim that Sgt. Moya promised that everything would be taken care of by the city, Byrne is going to be left to handle the vet bill by herself.

Moya, who claims never to have made such a remark to Byrne, says all she promised was that she would turn in the proper paperwork to the insurance carrier, which promptly denied the claim.

Byrne filed suit against the city and now has her answer from the court- no, the city will not be responsible for the vet bills. Justice of the Peace Richard Castillo decided that the burglar alarm was the cause of the issue, bringing police to a household that contained a dog which they felt was a danger to them.


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