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Brooks County to Handle Immigrant Deaths Differently

September 26, 2013   ·   0 Comments

immigrants dying

FALFURRIAS- Brooks County is struggling under financial pressure caused by the recent spike in immigrant deaths. The discovery of a badly decomposed female immigrant last month has spurred debate about both the budget for funeral arrangements and the attempt, or lack thereof, of identifying the bodies. In the past, immigrant bodies found on ranch land would be sent to a funeral home, prepared for burial, then buried in a plot marked “unknown.”

With 76 immigrant bodies to deal with this year, the underfunded Brooks county Sheriff’s department is looking for new ways and better answers of dealing with these unfortunate deaths. From now on, bodies found in the desert will be shipped to nearby Webb county, 90 miles distant, for DNA sampling and a stronger effort at identification.

In a much needed act of humanity, ranch owner Lavoyger Durham has added a water station to his ranch. Durham places one-gallon water jugs inside the 55 gallon drum with a 30 foot pole and flag atop. He hopes to prevent further immigrant deaths by placing more of these water stations along the new migration routes.



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